Thursday, September 17, 2009

Could be a tough week for some teams that are undefeated!

I watched a very entertaining ball game last night between Huntsville and Florence.  24-21 Florence kicked a field goal to win with less than 10 sec. left in the game.  Both defenses struggled at times but I was impressed with Florence's QB.  Big, strong and could run and throw.  Both teams have good running backs but different styles.  Huntsville's strength is their offensive line.  Best game I have seen this year to date.

Interesting match ups tonight but none more interesting than Russellville traveling to Hartselle for the 5A Region 8 battle of teams with 3-0 records.  This Region is intriquing as there are 3 teams, Russellville, Hartselle, and Athens that seem to be clicking.  Hartselle has some youth at certain skill positions so that may pose a problem Friday night.  I most likely will travel to Russellville for Week 9 to see the game against Athens.  If not for any other reason, I want to see a game at Russellville to see what our state tax dollars has bought.  From what I hear, they have a real nice facility.  Thank you state of Alabama!

Grissom suffered their first loss last week but how long has it been since they were 2-1 and folks were excited. I mean as good as Bob Jones has been this year, you got to figure they will not take Grissom lightly.  This is a complete turn around, at least in the "respect from your opponent category", over the past few years.  Rumor has it that Grissom is bringing students and fans by the bus load and a capacity crowd is expected at the Madison stadium.  That is a good thing!  I remember back in the 70's when you had to get to games early at at Milton Frank to find a seat.  No matter what city team was playing.  That is how high school football should be.

Congrats to Westminster getting their first win last week over Cherokee.  Westminster takes on Hatton this week and this looks like a winnable game.  When you talk 2A, what about Lexington??  Obviously a marquee win over Tanner last week.  Can they go far?  Time will tell and I am going to put them on my list as a team that I want to watch play.  Probably playing the best football in Lauderdale County right now.

Madison Academy has started strong but now the schedule will get tougher.  Lauderdale County looks to be one of teams that could earn one of the playoff spots from this region.  This will be MA's first road game so that could be a factor as well.  Playing on the road is not as much of an issue as it is in College but there are some differences, such as the change with a game day itinerary.  Some coaches like road games as they can get control of their players earlier on Friday.  Colbert County got thier first win last week over West Morgan.  It will be interesting to see if they start to turn it around.  Rumor has it they have gone back to what they use to do well, smash mouth!  Right now, looks like week 6, Colbert Heights at MA may be for Region title but a lot could change between now and then. 

HS Football fans should circle week 7 when one of  the most interesting match up of the season may take place.  Guntersville travels to North Jackson in what most likely will be, for the region.  Hadn't been to the N. Jackson stadium in years but that this may be a "must see".  No doubt that Guntersville will be well coach.  But, do they have the talent to stay with North Jackson.  We also know that NJ has a habit of losing a game they shouldn't and getting elliminated in the playoff's much earlier than anticipated.  This is usually a close game.

Some things never change.  Volleyball in N. Alabama is the best in the state.  It is amazing to see Huntsville, Bob Jones, and Grissom just re-load year after year.  Looks like one of these teams have a chance to win it all again in 6a although you have to figure it will be a Huntsville/Bob Jones final unless the tourney pairings prevent this.  Hazel Green and Madison County both are playing well this year and could make Pelham.  Madison Academy, usually "the team" in 3a from N. Alabama may have some competition this year from within their own Area.  Catholic of Huntsville is the current leader and could win Area 15.  If so, how long has it been since MA was not the Area winner and what about the thought of last year's runner up in the state final not even getting past area tourney? Not predicting that, but stranger things have happened.

Get out and go see a High School volleyball match or football game.  You will enjoy it!

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