Thursday, September 10, 2009

What we know after week 2 of High School Football

I am constantly asked how good is Bob Jones. I have seen them play twice and in my opionion, as good as they want to be. They have speed, a great running back, and a very salty defense. Watching Bob Jones play North Gwinnett and then seeing Prattville play the same Georgia team, tells me that Bob Jones can play with anyone. Time will tell and this week's game against Florence, on the road, will go along way in confirming how good they are. Not saying they can win state championship, but if they ever think they can, get that certain swagger, watch out!

Rivers the QB at Athens has the potential to be very good. At least he looked good against Muscle Shoals. He does a good job of seeing the field and picked Muscle Shoals apart last week.  Muscle Shoals has a pretty good defense. Makes me wonder how Clay Chalkville shut them out in week 1.

No one can accuse the new head man at Westminister, Coach Hooks, of shying away from anyone. His first game, against St. Bernard is canceled (late in the week) so he calls R.A. Hubbard (Courland). Hubbard can only be stronger since they combined with Hazelwood.  Wow! Westminister did get blowed out but can't fault them from playing tough competition.

Has the complexion of any region changed more in 3 years than 3A Region 8. A couple of years ago this region was considered the toughest region in the state.  Now, you could argue thru week 2, as being one of the weakest. Depending on how good Colbert Heights is, will go a long way in deciding. When was the last time Colbert County was 0-2 and, went to West Limestone and lost. Not dogging WL but what is going on with Colbert County?

Surprise team to date, hands down the Grissom Tigers.  Beating Huntsville last week was the upset of the week.
Will not catch any game this week (week 3) as headed out of town. Unless I sneak a trip to see an East Tennessee high school game. Week 4, headed to mid-Alabama to check on 4a action Holtville (2-0) versus ACA (1-1). Until later!!!!!!!

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